From Space for Cars to Space for Work

Working in and next to »Postwerk« in Berlin-Tegel

Berlin-Tegel is home to a listed former post office with an impressive histo­rical façade. &MICA’s task was twofold: to renovate it respectfully and to enable contem­porary work.

New spaces were created in the existing building. &MICA added a mezzanine to the former counter hall of the post office, which not only creates additional leasable space but also opens up new perspec­tives within the building’s spacious interior. Moreover, &MICA trans­formed the attic into a versatile workspace.


The courtyard offered the potential to create surplus value from a car park: space for cars became space for work. A new building in deliberate contrast to the existing building was created in the courtyard. The five-storey, asymme­trical structure radiates dark warmth, and charred larch gives the building an uncon­ven­tional appearance. In addition, the charring process ensures that the wood is durable and resistant for a long time.

The hybrid timber building makes optimal use of the limited space. The two upper storeys are set back, giving the overall form an elegant appearance. The ground floor is likewise set back, making the new building appear to stand light-footed in the courtyard. Surrounding greenery sets feel-good accents.

&MICA makes contem­porary working possible in this ensemble through the ideal mix of coworking areas and individual offices and through optimal natural lighting.


Working in and next to »Postwerk« in Berlin-Tegel

Site plan



Ground floor

Standard floor




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