In the hip Belgian district of Cologne, the task was to model a cool ‘in’ bar complete with restaurant out of a former, run-down beer joint. To support optimally the profes­sional running of the restaurant, the functional processes were meticu­lously studied and inter­preted in archi­tec­tural language. A parti­cular challenge was to break up the narrow, very long room so as to create cosy areas for guests. By playing skilfully with room heights, light incidence and propor­tions, we succeeded in creating an exciting sequence of rooms offering the most varied qualities for patrons of the bar. While the generosity of the space created repre­sented a parti­cular challenge in terms of static, the new supports now bear histo­rical exposed brickwork. A glass pent roof was integrated parallel to the bar, which at the end of the room is generously constructed over the entire width. Thus, the room, contrary to expec­tation, is filled with natural light. Guests always end up grinning in the toilets when washing their hands: the repla­cement of the wall with an integrated, half-length mirror creates an amusing diversion.

Experi­encing city
Balthasar FMB Gastro­no­mie­be­trieb GmbH & Co. KG
Time Frame
2013 – 2014
Approx. 600 m² GFA
Lioba Schneider


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