As part of the restruc­turing of Münster University Hospital, a multi-storey car park is to be built above the existing service centre. Our design empha­sises a clear formal language and a striking, radiant façade.

The car park’s spatial and functional programme follows a clear layout: Two generously dimen­sioned spindle ramps lead to all parking levels. Two rings of parking spaces on each full floor allow staff, visitors and patients to use the building intui­tively and easily. Whereas the outer ring is available to visitors and patients, the inner ring is reserved for the staff. The circular traffic pattern makes it easier to find a parking space, and a parking guidance system helps to ensure that the parking capacity is fully utilised.

Parken mit Komfort

Fassadenansicht des Parkhauses der Universitätsklinik Münster. Die semitransparente Fassade sowie insgesamt fünf Lichthöfe ermöglichen einen großzügigen Lichteinfall sowie konstante Sichtbeziehungen nach außen und schaffen ein sicheres Gefühl bei der Benutzung.

Floating shell

The new car park appears to float lightly and serenely above the roof of the hospital’s service centre. The bright expanded metal cladding wraps around the two parking levels, presenting a homoge­neous, calm appearance on all sides; vehicles and technical equipment are hidden from view. At the same time, the diaphanous material allows plenty of light into the car park. The semi-trans­parent façade and a total of five atriums allow a generous amount of daylight to enter the building and ensure a constant view to the outside, creating a sense of security for its users. The glass enclosure of the main staircase helps with wayfinding and also provides views across the campus. In-ground plants green the existing façade, conti­nuing the concept of the master plan with little investment.

To maximise climate resilience on the UKM campus, the design utilises the entire roof area: extensive greening, rainwater retention areas and photo­voltaic systems make the roof a real asset for the climate.

A roof that benefits the climate

Lageplan der Universitätsklinik Münster mit dem neuen Parkhaus und Versorgungszentrum

Plenty of room for deliveries and car park users

The vehicle ramps providing access to the three parking levels are located away from the existing building, leaving ample space for truck deliveries and preserving the traffic route around the service centre.

The storey between the car park super­s­tructure and the service centre is perceived as a gap and, apart from a few parking spaces, is mainly used as a mecha­nical floor, ensuring easy access for maintenance of the technical equipment at all times.

A gap for technical equipment

Urban develo­pment

Urban develo­pment

Urban develo­pment

Urban develo­pment

Experi­encing city
UKM Infra­struktur Management GmbH
Time Frame
Approx. 30.000 m² GFA
Concept (compe­ti­titon, 2nd prize)


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