Reduce traffic, design connec­tions and establish clarity – with these three core ideas, &MICA is trans­forming a transit area into a vibrant zone of encounter with a welcoming atmosphere. The design for a mobility hub south of Krefeld’s main railway station pursues the goal of enabling everyone to easily and safely parti­cipate in mobility while simul­ta­neously creating as much public open space as possible.

Clear axes and paths guide people and views. The minimalist archi­tec­tural language with notable accents helps to provide orien­tation in the hetero­ge­neous built environment. Traffic calming measures ensure that cyclists, pedestrians and travellers feel safe and comfor­table.

As the heart of the ensemble, a slender linear bar slides in front of the railway tracks. This contem­porary counterpart to the station building across from it alludes to Krefeld’s past: the design refers both to historic railway arches and to the city’s steel and textile tradition.

Egali­tarian Space for Mobility, Work and Lingering

The Krefeld promenade extends atop a plinth of pigmented rammed concrete that will accom­modate public uses with restau­rants and retail shops. Arches punctuate the façade and give it rhythm. Behind are the cycling infra­structure, waiting areas and the entrance to the railway station. Sitting atop the plinth is also a multi­func­tional building with spaces for coworking, designed as a fixed-glass post-and-rail structure. A distinctive feature is its light­weight framework of round steel columns.

Where the linear bar meets the promenade, the clear framework of the façade dissolves beneath the self-supporting roof and the rigid structure becomes a scattered forest of columns. Fabric-covered louvres provide shade and produce a uniform, light appearance.

While a lively transit space on the eastern side of the bar opens up to the entrance into the main railway station and also forms the forecourt of the bus terminal, a generous staircase on its western side leads up from the ground floor level to the promenade. One of the most efficient multi-storey bike parks in the city is being built here, with space for over 1,000 bicycles on seven levels.

The ceilings of the coworking spaces as well as the self-supporting roof over the forest of columns and above the bicycle parking garage are designed entirely as composite timber struc­tures.

Experi­encing City
City of Krefeld, The Mayor, Urban and Landscape Planning
Time Frame
Approx. 9.910 m² GFA


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