Sustainable living in verdant surroun­dings: Between Schaf­fraths­gasse and Lerchenweg in the Cologne district of Bocklemünd, a lively residential quarter is being created that will offer both its future residents and its neigh­bours a place to feel at ease.

A total of 161 dwelling units and a day care centre, along with around 2,400 square metres of outdoor and play areas, will be built by 2026 on the former commercial site using sustainable hybrid timber construction: Seven free-standing buildings will be grouped around a generously dimen­sioned public square, which, as a leafy green centre, not only provides space for a playground but also facili­tates a lively exchange within the neigh­bourhood. An appro­xi­m­ately 125-metre-long, four-storey building block on the eastern edge of the site will shield the develo­pment from emissions from Militär­ring­straße and the urban rail line.

The appearance of the new quarter is dominated by the greenery of the façade planting as well as the timber of the exterior walls. The strongly articu­lated façades establish a calm framework for the individual adapt­ation of the private outdoor areas, creating a diverse and colourful visual appearance. Long, full-length balconies also imbue the façades with liveliness and, with their orien­tation to the central square, create a transition between public and private space.

Building for a Sense of Identity
The selection of different plants for the greenery will structure the façades into clearly identi­fiable places whose colou­ration will vary seaso­nally. The minera­lised wood used for the façade, with its warm and also light appearance, also changes over time, reacting to the effects of weather and the environment. Together with the perso­na­lised balconies, this results in addresses with a high degree of indivi­duality that change in harmony with nature, the seasons, time, and the residents themselves.


Building for Living Space Surrounded by Greenery
The central green space, which is bounded by green façades, streng­thens biodi­versity in the neigh­bourhood and beyond. Rotating the free-standing buildings creates interesting outdoor spaces beyond the central square: here there will be playgrounds for small children as well as vegetable gardens and green places for the residents to gather.


Building for Sustaina­bility
Full utili­sation of renewable energy on the roof areas combined with the use of renewable and recycled materials to construct the building epito­mises the project’s ecolo­gical sustaina­bility.

Building for Climate Adapt­ation
Since the site is classified as a heat-affected residential zone, the requi­re­ments for climate-resilient develo­pment are greater. The neighbourhood’s green centre makes use of evapo­rative cooling to help prevent heat islands. Retention areas on roofs and on the grounds offer protection in the event of heavy rainfall. Rainwater and grey water are used for potable water conser­vation and irrigation. The greening of the south-facing façades and the balconies and canopies in front provide protection against overheating of the interior spaces in summer.


Building for Neigh­bour­liness
Diffe­ren­tiated pathways, the day care centre with a large, south-facing outdoor area, four decen­tra­lised playgrounds for small children, and the central neigh­bourhood square link the new develo­pment with the existing neigh­bourhood and allow old and new to merge into one.


Building for Tranquillity
To make the residential quarter as car-free as possible, mobility points with car-sharing oppor­tu­nities, bicycle parking and e-bike stations are provided at each of the two entrances to the under­ground car park, from Schaf­fraths­gasse and Lerchenweg.

Köln Bocklemünd
Time Frame
2022 – 2026
Approx. 2.400 m² GFA
LPH 1 – 8 HOAI


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