A Serial Play of Colour

Living on Eichhorster Straße

The colourful balconies are an immediate eye-catcher. The façade of the modern residential block in Berlin-Marzahn is embel­lished by large, trape­zo­idally splayed balconies whose soffits were developed in colla­bo­ration with Berlin artists Witthöft & LaTou­relle. The colours echo those of the built surroun­dings and also serve as a means of identi­fi­cation for the residents. Last but not least, the spirited façade ensures that the housing block has an airy feel despite its compact massing.

&MICA designed 186 owner-occupied flats here with 1 to 4 rooms each. Bathrooms and ancillary spaces are positioned at the core of the largely barrier-free dwellings. The living spaces are grouped around them: the quiet bedrooms to the north and east, the bright living areas to the west and south. The apart­ments are fitted out to a high standard; &MICA has succeeded in combining economy with comfort and archi­tec­tural sophisti­cation at a high level. On top of that, &MICA saw to it that construction was completed ahead of schedule.

The residential block surrounds a green, shared courtyard. Each dwelling unit on the raised ground floor benefits from a front garden plus a terrace of its own, and all the upper floors benefit from spacious balconies that provide a connection to outside. The building, which is designed to the KfW55 standard, is bracketed verti­cally by a roof garden and an under­ground garage on two levels with space for cars and bicycles.


Living on Eichhorster Straße

Site plan




Ground floor

Standard floor



»Eichhorst14« and Colour

Building for the Surroun­dings

The distinctive, colourfully painted soffits beneath the balconies match the colour palette of the surrounding Plattenbau buildings. Even though the new housing block stands out aesthe­ti­cally from the existing buildings, this design estab­lishes a connection to the neigh­bourhood.


Building for the Residents

The »building with the colourful balconies« has high recognition value. However, the residents’ identi­fi­cation with the building is not deter­mined solely by the balconies. The seven entrances are also designed in different colours for easy orien­tation on the expansive grounds.

In conver­sation with Matthias Ott

»In the way we plan, we should always stick to building for the place and its users – for people who live and work there, spend a short time there, pass through or just walk by.«

We need more flexi­bility.

When it comes to use, sustaina­bility and inclusion, we should continue to be persistent and try – in the spirit of ›Universal Design‹ – to integrate ideas that have already proven to be very good and flexible into our planning.

CESA Wohn- und Gewer­bebau GmbH
Time Frame
2016 – 2021
Approx. 26.900 m² GFA
LPH 1 – 8 HOAI
Büro Schramm für Gestaltung and Luca Abbiento


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