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At Home at »Charlotte« in Berlin-Mitte

It stands amid empty lots: the modern solitaire »Charlotte« is just a stone’s throw from Check­point Charlie. Within are 28 upscale apart­ments designed for urban dwellers on the go.

»Charlotte« is special: in an area dominated by federal struc­tures, the building stands entirely by itself, a lone tooth marking the corner of an empty block.

Even as it was being built, the area was developing enorm­ously: »Charlotte« was a sales success. After just four weeks, all the purchase agree­ments had been notarised. The decisive factor was a close working relati­onship with target buyers. Thus &MICA was able to create floor plans precisely tailored to the needs of potential residents. A high standard of living comfort, expansive views, contem­porary layouts, and balconies for every unit.

The challenge for the design was to enable the detached building to have these places to step outside while counter­acting the visual imbalance.

The result is an exterior that is playful despite its clear lines. The eight-storey corner building resembles a sophisti­cated cruise ship from the future. Bay windows and balconies add spirited but clear articu­lation to the angular façade of glass and concrete. The textured surface of the exposed concrete balconies calms the view while lowering costs.


At Home at »Charlotte« in Berlin-Mitte

Site plan





Ground floor

Standard floor



»Charlotte« and Functional Orien­tation

Building for the Users

Through close colla­bo­ration with the commis­sioned realtors, &MICA succeeded in tailoring the floor plans of the 28 units to precisely meet the needs of the urbane target market. In addition, the ground floor is set aside for commercial and gastro­nomic use.

Building for the Surroun­dings

»Charlotte« will stand isolated on the corner for the foreseeable future. This singular location demanded a self-confident exterior. At the same time, &MICA had to counteract the visual perception that the building leans forward. The pointed façade offsets this effect. And gives the building a unique elegance.

In conver­sation with Anne Ehrenberg

»The question of sustaina­bility cannot be answered in a general way, but there are individual possi­bi­lities and solutions for every project and every task.«

WI Concept GmbH
Time Frame
2009 – 2014
Approx. 3,300 m² GFA
LPH 1 – 9 HOAI
Büro Schramm für Gestaltung, Thomas Heimann and Werner Huthmacher


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