Digital transformation entails social change. But digitalisation &MICA goes far beyond the use of digital technologies. We understand digitalisation as a new culture – of designing, planning and building, and also of collaboration, communication, organisation, exchange and business processes.


Building information modelling (BIM) makes construction processes and buildings more efficient, more competitive and more sustainable. Digital data models make it possible to determine areas and quantities automatically and precisely, and to collect and continuously update all the information about a building. This method saves time and reduces costs, improves communication and coordination, and protects the environment. Simulations and visualisations engage clients more actively in the process, and owners or users are able to directly understand the material, circular and financial value of a building as well as its carbon footprint .

We are guided here by more than just our clients’ demands for quality. We are helping to shape digital developments in the architectural and construction sector, also by working together with other committed architectural firms in the BIM Alliance.


Our organisational structure and our work processes are changing with the digital transformation. With our digitalisation team, we continually scrutinise and optimise our digital work and planning processes. We operate with agile structures, start each working day with a look at our staff kanban board and come together in project teams. At &MICA, our project work is cloud-based. Shared access to project data and documents for all those involved in the planning, as well as the capability to work on them independently of time or place, lead to a more efficient planning process in the office and on the construction site. Communication with our target groups is also increasingly interactive. We do so by using digital platforms and apps.

For us, digitalisation means establishing new ways of seeing and thinking, learning new things and being flexible. We understand digital transformation as an integral part of our sustainability strategy.


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