We devote the same passion to all the work we do. From extremely large to very small, we conceive spaces and make them a reality.

For our private and public clients, we implement projects dedicated to working, living and experiencing the city. And ideally, with synergies.

»When designing, the search for the best floor plan solution plays a very important role for me: if I am satisfied with the floor plan, a lot has already been achieved. Because I believe that in the design phase we can best see the potential of a space in the floor plan.«


Team Leader Design

What Sets
Us Apart

We believe that things from a single source turn out better. Which is why our portfolio of services includes all nine work stages. We do not superimpose the stages like building blocks. Instead, we integrate them sensibly. Our specialised project teams design, plan and construct new buildings, but also retrofit existing structures and restore historical monuments . We give our clients close support throughout all these processes.

But we go beyond the nine. As experienced partners, we also offer general planning services and full support for acquisition processes and development projects.

Insight into our organigram


We do not only work on the service phases chronologically. The organigram shows that we offer services that go beyond the usual phases and that we are in constant exchange across all service phases. This exchange gives us planning security in the early phases. Only in this way can we meet our quality standards down to the last detail. Even in later phases, if something unplanned should come to light in the existing building.

»Building involves a great deal of cooperation between those involved in planning and construction. The many participants must and want to be coordinated. And we encounter a multitude of very unique characters every day. But construction tasks can only be tackled jointly.«


Team Leader Construction

How Do We Work?

With experts. We rely on collaboration among equals in diversely structured teams. These teams include specialists for the individual work stages and for the typologies of working, living, and experiencing the city, as well as for specialised topics and work processes such as digitalisation and sustainability.

Under one roof. The teams from all the work stages interact closely. Our organisational structure is clear but agile. Technical expertise from subsequent stages can be incorporated at the very beginning of a project – and vice versa. This makes us more effective and averts redundancies.

»In planning, I do start from a starting point of developing user:inside requirements. But that also means sometimes taking small detours. And bringing together different disciplines in order to find a functional, sustainable, and always design-appropriate solution for the users and the location. A solution with added value.«


Project Manager Planning


The processes illustrate how central our team structures are to our collective thinking and action. Team leaders communicate with all colleagues. For each new project, small project teams of project managers and architects are formed for the individual phases of the project. Each team includes specialists for higher-level topics.

»Redundancy? Architects rarely know this. A wonderful aspect of our profession is the diversity of planning tasks: Rarely is one project the same as the next; we are always confronted with new framework conditions and new challenges.«


Team Leader Planning

With What Tools?

At &MICA, knowledge transfer and routine exchange are strongly promoted and clearly organised. We ensure both thanks to agile structures and measurable quality standards. Our clients are on board with us and know at all times where we jointly stand. Our standards ensure defect-free buildings, but they also do much more: clearly defined process paths and approaches prevent misunderstandings and errors.


We deal with many topics that go beyond pure designing, planning and building. But which we understand as a prerequisite for the way we work. These tools and topics accompany us in a certain way and guide our work processes. Experts in the teams represent these central themes throughout all service phases.

»Preliminary design and design planning include cost estimation or calculation, taking into account all cost risks. We take on this challenge of costing, which should take into account all as yet unforeseeable risks as far as possible. Experience and farsightedness are particularly in demand here.«


Team Leader Costs and AVA

And How Do We Achieve This?

With passion and magnitude. Our team leaders and teams are not only passionate about architecture, but also about their areas of focus. And the magnitude of our office, with studios in two cities, enables us to operate with specialised teams effectively across different work stages and to achieve goals without wasting time or effort.

»Planning and building are subject to increasingly complex requirements: In this world, it is all the more important for us to create a solid foundation for the joint work, which defines the legal, economic and deadline framework for all parties equally. This framework provides security and thus creates the necessary space for creativity.«


Commercial Team Leader

And With All This …

… we think economically and, in our clients’ interest, keep an eye on costs, deadlines and quality – again, from the big picture to the smallest detail. Because we know from experience: Robustly designed architecture goes hand in hand with cost certainty. For us, sustainability is ecological, economic, social and aesthetic. From a single mould.


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