How does one live in the heart of the city and still enjoy a view of private, sheltered green spaces? The answer: a differentiated, space-forming façade. On the site where Düsseldorf’s state correctional facility stood from 1893 to 2012, roughly 5 hectares of land are envisaged to become a new urban quarter with a blend of residential and commercial use.

The competition entry submitted by &MICA for the third of four building plots envisions a consolidated residential complex as a block featuring surrounding outdoor spaces that swathe the building on every floor.

Articulated by bay windows, the exterior façade captures and forms space as a valuable extension of the living space: with a depth of up to 2.5 metres, this offers attractive outdoor spaces for a variety of uses, as well as sufficient space for individual greenery.

The sculptural design of the façade not only gives a lively appearance to the exterior but also provides an interesting interweaving of indoor and outdoor space. An added benefit is the high degree of privacy vis-à-vis the surroundings, despite the generous glazing of all the flats.

Living in the middle of the city and at the same time looking out into the private, protected green.


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